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Come out and meet your neighbors and enjoy all of the many things that make the City of Fulda a great place to live!


Our Schools

There are three schools in Fulda.   Fulda Elementary School, Fulda Secondary School (also known as Fulda High School) and St. Paul's Lutheran School.    Fulda Public Schools mascot is symbolized as a "Raider" and is one of the few remaining rural schools that have not consolidated with neighboring towns. 

Our Community  

Fulda is located on beautiful Seven Mile Lake, which has camping and recreational picnic areas.    We have a stunning golf course, city park, public library and quaint shopping and dining.     Our Community Education program also runs our indoor pool facility.  

Fulda is the "Home of the Wood Duck" due to the large number of colorful wood ducks that migrate through the region, and man-made nests attached to trees are common throughout the city.     The annual Wood Duck Festival is held in June and features picnics, a parade, carnival, musical and talent performances in the park.  The Wood Duck Festival features some of the best fireworks in the area!